Equity/Trading-account Recovery - recover trading losses for you! Safely!

EnFoid Prop logoEveryone experiences large losses, this is a common thing in the Retail Trading industry.
But sometimes this losses can be substantial. or even have some impact on the traders personal life.
we use our own management systems and quality control mechanics developed for Prop trading to recover your losses safely!.

How does it work?

  • We will take over the trading activity.
  • the account will be linked to our trading systems, where it can be monitored regularly.
  • using the capital that is left, with minimal exposure.
  • we do use small, but aggressive exposure for this process.
  • account's will be traded by our staff exclusively during that time.

  • Risk is limited to 10% of the sum provided!

    losses exceeding 10% will be covered by EnFoid.


  • less than 85% Total Drawdown for 100% recovery
  • more than 85% Total Drawdown for 50% recovery
    (some exceptions can be made after reviewing the account individually)
  • at least 5000 USD (or equal in other currency) must be on the account.

  • an additional risk of 10% needs to be approved by the account owner.
  • Recovery timeframe is set by the Trading team and can not be controlled by the Owner.
  • EnFoid needs to be granted absolute access to the trading accounts
    (no broker or financial access is required (execution only!))
  • account owner can cancel the service at any time


  • 2% of the current account equity per month during the service.
    (this will be covered by profits generated, you not have to pay this, we pay ourselves by doing what we do)
  • 10% recovery fee at the end of service.
    (this fee can also be generated via profits by raising the target to 110/60%)

  • 3rd party fees that your broker/banks or liquidity providers may charge.
    (but some platforms have price-feed fees, or service fees charged by the respective brokers.
    alternatively we can also do the recovery on one of our own accounts, to avoid any extra costs (optional)
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Supported platforms

  • Spotware cTrader
  • Metaquotes MT4 & MT5
  • Ameritrade ThinkOrSwim
  • Tradestation
  • Ninja Trader

  • all platforms/brokers with active Tradingview connection
  • Proprietary trading accounts require written permission from the firm owning the account!
  • this service can only bee provided exclusively (no other trading is permitted)
  • no account interaction (active or passive) is peermitted.