Management, Finance & Information Technology combined

Solution providing with the focus on "win-win scenarios" for all involved.
Some projects have even a success guarantee, where services delivered have a no-payment clause on dissatisfaction.

At EnFoid, we have a simple set of principles which is to ensure satisfaction for all involved parties.

Our primary goal is to define the status of participation where there is no loser.
However, the trade, the service and monetary industry is build in a way that does not work that way.

So, how are we different ?

Plain Rules

  • Win-Win for everyone, is a Key Point in most services provided.
  • Hired Services Provided usually come with a satisfaction guarantee
    no satisfaction = no payment required
  • We are your outsourcing partner, you Talk to us, we make sure it will happen as requested.
    we will "just" get it done for you.


  • Services Provided covering a multitude of┬áSolution areas, this ensures everything keeps spinning, even on failing participant or unplanned events taking place.
    we got your back
  • Our large database with trusted professionals makes sure the job is done in time, and with satisfaction.
  • Trade activities are never all in the same portfolio at the same time.
  • Funds held for coverage are never on the same bank at the same time.
  • Strictly no fund management in the conventional senses.[1]

This has the effect that even a total loss on a single asset, would cause some pain, but will not be large enough to bring the company and its clients into liquidity issues or resulting in a Failure of Service.

Paying it Forward

Multiple projects are provided on a non-profit basis, this leads to a wide range of peoples participating in sharing knowledge, recourses (financial and timely) for free, and contributing that way to the Diversification models willingly.

Non-profit services also provide proof of concepts, so no shady advertising is required, no fine-print has to be hidden and no proof has to be manufactured as it will be delivered constantly and free of charge.


Trust can not be purchased, fancy numbers in board meetings or earnings reports have very little meaning. true transparency however leaves no room for corruption or doubt on how somethings does operate and process over time, thats why we believe the status quo is reached once total transparency is archived.

Privacy & Transparency are not the same things!
even by archiving a wide level on Transparency, it still can be archived to maintain Data protection, Privacy and Theft Protection.