Management, Finance & Information Technology combined

At EnFoid, we aim to create seamless connections between management, finance, and information technology,
with a focus on financial systems development (FinTech). Our approach prioritizes defining, designing, and executing projects with minimal risk to cost and time, ensuring satisfaction for all stakeholders.

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Looking to recover losses? Let us help you retrieve your funds with minimal, defined and guaranteed risk, regardless of account size or trading platform used.
Power of Unity! At SwingFish, a community-run organization operating in a 100% non-profit environment, we offer direct and impartial help and support, free of any conflicting interests.
Balancing the Interests of Private Investors (Lenders). The EnFoid Lender System is a comprehensive and secure platform that brings all the necessary tools together to manage lender balances.

Simple Guidelines

Our business philosophy is founded on the straightforward principle of ensuring a mutually beneficial outcome for all parties, a key aspect of the services we offer.

Diversification & Risk Management

  • Diversified services designed to maintain stability and minimize costs.
  • Wide range of solutions and areas to cover partial failures.
  • Extensive network of trusted professionals for timely project completion.
  • No conventional portfolio management.[1]
  • Focus on risk control and mitigation.

Paying it Forward

  • Multiple projects offered on a non-profit basis,
  • encouraging participation and sharing of knowledge, resources (financial and time) among a diverse group of individuals.
  • Contributing to diversification models voluntarily.
  • Proof of concept is provided through non-profit services, eliminating fine-print and delivered consistently and free of charge.


A commitment to full openness in our operations and processes, eliminating any confusion or uncertainty.

Transparency & privacy are separate issues!
While striving for transparency, we also prioritize and maintain the protection of privacy and integrity at the highest level.

[1] Please refer to our Terms