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Management, Finance & Information Technology combined

EnFoid building the Gateways between IT Management & Financial Systems development. (ie. FinTech)

At EnFoid, we have a simple set of principles which is to ensure satisfaction for all involved parties.
with the primary goal is to define, design and execute, with little to no risk attached in cost & time.

Plain Rules

    all business is based on a simple rule
  • Win-Win for everyone, as a Key Point in most services provided.

Diversification & Risk Management

  • Services Provided covering a multitude of┬áSolutions and areas, to ensure that even on partial failure, time and costs are held at a minimum.
  • Our large database with trusted professionals makes sure the project is done in time as specified.
  • Strictly no Portfolio Management in the conventional sense.[1]

Paying it Forward

Multiple projects are provided on a non-profit basis, this leads to a wide range of peoples participating in sharing knowledge, recourses (financial and timely) for free, and contributing that way to the Diversification models willingly.

Non-profit services also provide proof of concept, eliminating the majority of fine-prints and no proof has to be manufactured as it will be delivered constantly and free of charge.


True transparency however leaves no room for doubt on how we operate and process things over time, our status quo is reached once total transparency is archived.

Privacy & Transparency are not the same! with a wide level on Transparency, protection of integrity &anp; privacy is maintained at all times at the highest level.

[1] Please refer to our Terms