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EnFoid Proprietary Trading

ox8 Prop trader logoWe offer opportunities to talented traders through our funding programme

Investment sizes between 25,000 and 700,000 USD with a choice of platforms and brokers available.

We will not ask you for any fancy statements or track records,
instead you will trade in our controlled environment to show us what you can actually do.

Get Funded in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1
  • Show that you can do it
  • Make 10% Profit
  • Min 10 Trading days
  • Max 30 Calendar days
Step 2
  • Show Consistency
  • Make 5% Profit
  • Min 10 Trading days
  • Max 60 Calendar days
Go Live
50% Profit share
  • Get paid every 30 Days
  • No Profit Target
  • No Time Limit

** Not reaching Profit target's is not a rule violation, you can do-over free of charge, as many times you like. more info

Account types

In a Nutshell

You will need to prove to us that you are serious, know what you are doing and have the ability to make money in the long term.

    Main Rules Detailed Rules

    Due Diligence & Enrolment Process evaluation Details

  • Complete Evaluation Trading (make 10% Profit in at least 10 Trading days but max 30 Calendar Days)
  • Complete Verification Trading (make 5% Profit in at least 10 Trading days but max 60 Calendar Days)
  • Go Live (get 50% of everything you do earn, every 30 days)

    Going Live Legal Details

  • account in Profit? You get 50% of everything gained.
  • account in loss? no problem, everything keeps spinning. (you not have to pay for losses)


  • Remote: Forex Only
  • Inhouse: Futures, Equities, Forex