EnFoid Proprietary Trading

ox8 Prop trader logoWe offer opportunities to talented traders through our funding programme
ranging serval Investment sizes, Platforms Brokers and Trading Systems.

You trade 50000 USD of our equity, We share 50% of the profits with you!

You will need to prove to us that you are serious about trading, know what you are doing and have the ability to make money in the long term. We will not ask you for any fancy statements or track records, instead you will trade in our controlled environment to show us what you can actually do.

We will provide you
50000 USD
  • 1:100 Account Leverage
  • Interest on profits
  • Drawdown Protection
  • Losses paid by the Company

You receive 50% of the profits

You will need
  • to be a Day-Trader
  • be able to trade 10 days / Month
  • have Money Management Skills
  • to take it serious

to follow our rules at all times

Get Started

Just a few things you will need to get done before getting funded:

  1. Fill the Enrolment Form [Register].
  2. A Free EnFoid Investment or EnFoid Lender account. (we can do this for you)
  3. Be a Free Member of the SwingFish Traders Community. (if you use the free option)
  4. Pass the trading tests.
more details about the enrolment process

if you undertake the vetting process then you will need to prove that you are a serious individual when it comes to trading. This means that you will already know what you are doing in terms of risk management and have the ability to make sustained profits over the long term.