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Proprietary Trading Sign up

Professional Trader

    To Qualify as a Professional Trader you will need at least:
  • 4 Years experience Trading Live Margin Accounts larger than 50000 USD (Private or for a Firm).
  • provide SUBSTANTIAL! Track Records from Previous Employments, or Personal Track Records that can be Verified for
    • in your or your Employers Name.
    • Larger than 50000 USD on average balance
    • spanning 6 Months or more.
    • covering more than 300Million in traded Volume.
    • actual Live Funds
  • provide contact/references from previous employment in the Industry.
  • attend to a Interview in person at our Offices.
  • willing to obtain a Brokers License in Singapore.
  • easy to adopt to Platform and large equity changes.
  • to be a Team Player.

Are you a Professional Trader for Hire?

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