Prop Trader Enrolment Process

Risk and money management is the most important factor in the process. We have the responsibility to manage our exposure at all times and so do the people who work with us.

To make sure you understand and can adhere to this principle, we created a multi stage test.
You will trade accounts we give you which will show us that you have understood the key elements of our system & requirements.

3 ways to get your Funded Forex Account

  • Community Supported Scholarship
  • trade a 3 Stage test series
  • takes about 100 Days to complete
  • be nice to our Risk Management :)

  • SwingFish Community Members can cut the trial time short by being endorsed.

    You can just try it yourself and trade the Pre-Trial Account for free.

  • go live in as little as 21 Days!
  • bypass most of the formalities
  • Priority Assessment
  • considered before free candidates
      Prove yourself and start earning!

  • you will need to deposit at least 0.8% of the selected Balance, to your EnFoid Account, this is not a fee, and 100% refundable.

    as a Pro-Trader, just get in touch via the Enrolment Form, we will contact you shortly after for interview appointment in our office, and we will take it from there.

    Experience AND Knowledge is required!
    a myfxbook demo profile doesn't count!

    this can be Full time (in office) or Remote.
    we will Pay for the required Licenses.

    Compare Enrolment Accounts

    Essentially all accounts have the same Rules and Risk limits as the live accounts, but the goals are different.

    Profit target
    • 5 of 14 Days Time
    • $2500 Max Daily loss
    • $5000 Max Total loss
    • Unlimited Re-Try's
    • can be skipped
    Profit target
    • 10 of 30 Days Time
    • $2500 Max Daily loss
    • $5000 Max Total loss
    • Limited Re-Try
    • must complete
    Profit target
    • 10 of 60 Days Time
    • $2500 Max Daily loss
    • $5000 Max Total loss
    • No Re-Try
    • must complete

    Trading for Real Profits

    Trade for Profit
    • Unlimited Time
    • min 10 Days traded
    • 5% Max Daily loss
    • 10% Max Total loss
    • No Profit Target
    • Requires Eval & Verify

    After completing the Steps above, you will get a new account,
    which will represent a piece of our Real Equity in USD or EUR

    the trades you execute there, will directly reflect in your Payout,
    50% of the Profit's you make will be deposit to your EnFoid Account every 30 days.