Prop Trading Equity Calculation

In your Account under Prop Settings, you can always see the actual values set for your account, and the status of your progress.

Today's Limit

On top you can always see your Equity limit of the day,
along with the time it will stay valid.
this number does NOT change during the day, will reset each Midnight (CEST).

if your equity is smaller than the number shown during the day,
you will have breached the daily drawdown Objective.
this can not be undone!

Daily Drawdown

daily value is reset in about 22 hours 39 minutes
Balance (of Midnight CEST) - Max Daily Loss

Max Daily Loss usually is 5% of your assigned capital (not the account balance)

Total Drawdown

Total Drawdown is a fixed value (usually 10% of the assigned capital)

if daily drawdown is lower than total drawdown: Total Drawdown will be used as Limit

Balance Equity Daily Loss Max Loss Todays Limit Avaiable