Fast-Track [Get Funded in just 21 Days]

EnFoid Prop logoAre you a Pro Trader, or you have no interest in all the mumbo-jumbo, rules and holding hands, this is your place to be.
Fast-Track provides a non-bureaucratic way to get your funding Quick.

We won't ask you for references, experience, no Pre-Trial trading. You go straight to Evaluation!

What will you get?

  • Guaranteed qualification to Verification & Funded Accounts!!
  • No Verification by Risk-Management!
  • only Minimum objectives needed:
    Profit target can complete in as little as 10 + 10 Days
  • immediately Qualify for Live trading the moment the minimum requirements are met.
  • Get paid 50% of your profit every 30 days.
  • Your Deposit receives interest & dividends

Enrol via Fast-Track

1. Evaluation
  • 10% Profit
  • 10% Max Drawdown
  • within 30 Calendar Days
    Qualify once the Profit Target is Reached
2. Verification
  • 5% Profit
  • 10% Max Drawdown
  • within 60 Calendar Days
    Qualify once the Profit Target is Reached

what do you need to do?

  • Fill the Enrolment form only essential information required, no questionnaire or test.
  • select capital & platform you like to trade on.
  • Deposit to your EnFoid Account (must be at least 1% of the Selected Equity)
    this is considered an Investment and will receive interest for it every week.
    The Deposit is 100% Refundable if Verification is completed. including interests
  • Trade the Evaluation Account.
  • Trade the Verification Account.
    • Failure will lead to refusal of funding, and the challenge has to be repeated.
    • If just the profit target's not met, a restart of the Evaluation is free of charge.
  • Get Guaranteed funding after completing Verification.
Enrol via Fast-Track

why there is a fee?

first of all: THERE IS NO FEE
instead you deposit at least the required amount to your EnFoid Account. the Funds will stay there, we will not take it away! The amount will be however reserved, and you will not be able to withdraw it until the Verification is Successful. meanwhile it will receive Interest payments every week, just like any other investment.

you indicated that you know what you are doing,
Fast-Track, lets you bypass all the formalities, that means we will have to take your word for it.

we will cover expenses and secure the Funding with this deposit, to maintain our own integrity, the funds will be locked for withdrawal till you get funded, as from this point on our EnFoid Win-win strategy will cover future costs.
so if your intention is correct, and you do know what you are doing, there is really no risk on your side.
we a) not take away the funds and b) a single trade on your new Live account will cover this cost already.

in exchange you get to trade with our equity, reducing your risk and exposure to just the deposit you made instead of the full 50.000 USD. that alone is already a huge advantage.

Your own Funds vs. EnFoid Funded account.

Capital required Capital to trade Your exposure Taxes
Your Capital
$ 50,000
$ 50,000
withdrawals will cut growth
Your funds with the broker
Capital Gains Tax
up to 30% in some Countries
EnFoid Capital
$ 400
$ 50,000
Balance increases over time
None of your money is exposed
Income Tax
Low Taxes on Revenue

Enrol via Fast-Track