Get your Funded Forex account Free

EnFoid Prop trader logoTrading our funded accounts requires your EnFoid Account to hold at least 1% of the traded equity.

EnFoid does Sponsor some of this accounts, making the Funding process entirely free for you.

this is designed and created to support Traders that do not have the means of funding an account themselves.

what does that mean?

  • you have to show commitment by ACTIVELY participating
    in our Non-Profit Trader Support Project SwingFish.
  • Qualification/Success is at the sole discretion of EnFoid.
  • It will take at least 3 Months until proper Enrolment can be considered.
  • EnFoid Risk Management alone will decide when and how you are ready.
  • Track records such as MyFxBook, FxBlue or similar can help speed things up.
    but do not eliminate the need for trial trading.
  • Having no means and being Lazy or feeling entitled are not the same things!
EnFoid does NOT Provide Fun-Money for People controlled by greed.
this does include Entitlement, Traders that try to leverage personal losses, or cheap people that want to take everything and give nothing back!
this offer is a PRIVILEGE YOU HAVE TO EARN!, not a right.

Steps to Enrol

Join SwingFish
be a ACTIVE Member

Enrol via SwingFish
details on the SwingFish Website

too much hazzle? Enrol via Fast-Track instead

differences with Free Enrolment

  • Free Enrolment is limited to 50.000 US Dollars Traded Equity.
    Fast and Pro users can get up to 700.000 US Dollars.
  • CFD Only! (Forex, Metals, Indices)
  • You will have to answer to our Risk Management at all times.
    We do not give out free money, if you mess it up, we want to know why.
  • Be able to explain yourself and the actions you take.
    failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification (even when trading live!)
  • EnFoid reserves the right to take back Accounts at any stage.
    including Evaluation, Verification or Live accounts
  • 1% of the traded Funds, will be locked in your EnFoid account.
    (we will not charge a fee, but 1% of the assigned Capital will be locked in your EnFoid Account)