we stop providing Pre-Trial accounts from April 2020 onwards.

experience has shown, after serval thousand account's created, that there is no positive outcome to be expected.

Go live in 21 Days via Fast Track Go live as Professional Go live for Free via SwingFish

this are the things you need to "answer to yourself":
  • can you make money without ever losing more then 5% in a single day ?
  • can you make money without ever losing more than 10% in total
  • can you do the above without scalping news?

  • if you can answer all the questions above with YES!, you made it.
    just enrol via fast track or via the Free Community, and we get you funded i n no time.

    EnFoid will still provide the opportunity to talented traders to enrol for a Funded account for Free via the SwingFish Community

    Still need a proper test ?

    here is what you can do

  • open a demo account with any broker of your choice
  • make sure you have a 50000 USD Balance
  • before you start the trading day calculate this <current balance - 2500>
  • write the result on a note
  • start trading and make sure your equity does not go below the number on your note in the next 24 hours

  • if you can accomplish that, making money in the process, you can safely trade with us with no risk, it is really that easy!