Due to Systems change creation of free prop trials may be delayed!

0x8 Prop trader logothe Pre-Trial is not a actual "Step" of the process to become a EnFoid Prop Trader.
it's designed for 2 reasons:

  • gives you the opportunity to "try our envioment without a commitment.
  • let's our Risk Management team see, how you would perform in the Real test and live trading following.

Pre-Trials are NOT part of the evaluation and/or due Diligence process!
completing the Pre-Trial Objectives does NOT entitle you to proceed to any other steps, this is for testing and trial only!

for priority Support and Guaranteed Funding after completion, you have to choose "Fast-Track" or enrol as a Pro Trader!

the Objective here is to try out the System, find out if you can do what we ask you to.

Pre-Trial is only Available with MT4 (Metaquotes Metatrader 4) with 50000 USD Capital.
you do not need a EnFoid Account, if you have one, we can of course link the Trial to it for more easy management.
You will get
  • MT4 NDD Account
  • 50000 USD Balance
  • 1:100 Leverage
  • with Purple Trading
  • all symbols can be traded
Your Goal
  • Make 2500 USD
  • in more than 5 Trading Days
    but less than 14 Calendar Days
  • not lose more than 2500/day or 5000 total
  • be Profitable on half the days you trade
if you fail the Pre-Trial, no worries, you can re-start it read Restart Rules here

The Goal

this is just a small Test, to see if you can actually manage the basic rules & restrictions of our system, and can make some money in the process.

the Pre-Trial also serves as a Filter, as the true Managed Envioment is hugely expensive.
additionally the Pre-Trial can be repeated, free of charge, while Evaluation and Verification can not!

so all you have to do is hit it hard, stay in the risk regions, and you good to go for the real stuff.

You will recieve a url to the account metrics, so you can see the status of your account at all times.
public account overview for prop traders