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Prop Trader Pricelist

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Generally speaking joining and working in the Prop Trading programme is FREE

In certain circumstances optional settings, additional features, risk or management tasks may incur some costs.
To be completely transparent with you, here are all possible costs. None of these are required by default.
All prices in SGD (Singapore Dollars) | All percentages in Trading account currency

Pre-Trial Trading $0
Evaluation - requires Serval Flawless Pre-Trials $0
Verification Trading $0
Evaluation Fast-Track - no Pre-Trial required 100% Refund on first Profit payment 1%
Evaluation Retake 100% Refund upon Verification completion
previous deposits are cleared when profits exceeding the value
High Risk Evaluation extending limits to: 20% Max Equity Drawdown and 10% Daily Drawdown
100% Refund on first Profit payment
Bank Wire per Transfer $12
PayPal Receiving end fees not included $0
PromptPay (Thailand) $0
Crypto * of the Transferred amount 0.4%