Prop Trading Restrictions

the following actions are Not permitted as a EnFoid Prop Trader

  • Gap Trading, getting fills in Gaps
  • Holding positions during closed markets (eg. Weekends)
    ALL Markets that have a "Night-break", and weekends
    Trading halts during midday or Rollover is fine
  • Scalping Major News (see below)
    Conservative News trading is fine, but no order is allowed to be filled 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after major news.
    see the list below for News that fall in this category

Upcoming Restricted Economic Events

EnFoid Prop Trader's, are not allowed to enter positions (Market, Limit or Stop) 5 Minutes before till 5 Minutes after each event!

Ignoring Restricted Events can lead to slippage compensation in Profit Calculations! or worse!
Event Name Effected market Date
Crude Oil InventoriesCrude Oil2019-10-23
Refinancing RateEUR2019-10-24
Natural Gas StorageNATGAS2019-10-24

Restricted Symbols

The following symbols are generally & always prohibited

  • USDTHB US Dollar / Thai baht
  • EURTHB Euro / Thai baht
  • USDHKD US Dollar / Hongkong Dollar
  • EURHKD Euro / Hongkong Dollar