The rules listed below are Mandatory & Non-negotiable! Failure to comply can lead to account suspension!

  • 5% Intraday Drawdown Limit Drawdown details & examples
    calculated on Midnight CEST, based on the initial Deposit
  • 10% Maximum Equity Loss
    (10% of the initial Balance)
  • 10 Trading day/Month as a minimum
    (open/close positions in at least 10 of 30 days)
  • Respect of Trading Guidelines Best Trading Practices
    (additional Guidelines in terms of execution and style)
  • No News-Scalping Trading Restrictions
    (you can not enter or exit positions 5 minutes before and after restricted events)

Size & Risk

  • There is no limit on Lot size or Traded volume you can take, but you need to be aware of your exposure at all times!
  • We Strongly advise you to limit your risk based on the Equity limit you have at each day instead of trading fixed risk or size.

  • please read our suggestions regarding exposure on the Best Practices page