Scaling options for Prop accounts

We have two scaling options for your Trading account(s).

  • by EnFoid
    we will increase your capital in 20-25% steps.
  • by the trader
    you can apply for additional accounts by enrolling again, once qualified the account's can be merged by the traders request

Scaling Steps

Every quarter we will examine the trading account and may add 20-25% to the capital you are already trading.

Scaling Criteria & Limitations
  • average monthly gain of at least 2.2%
  • Low account volatility. (e.g. significantly smaller equity drawdowns than profits)
  • Increase if capital is at the sole discretion of EnFoid Risk Management
  • The current upper limit for capital per trader is 2.3 Million USD
    (may change with general funding status and assignment of assets)

Traders can have multiple accounts to trade. You can re-enroll in another Evaluation. The Prop-Manager will automatically activate to easy manage the accounts. Once qualified, the accounts can be kept separate or merged into one.

Scaling Limitations
  • Separate accounts are individually insured.
    (if one fails the others will stay active)
  • The Trader contract for merged accounts will cover the new capital level as a whole
  • All accounts need to be in profit before they can be merged
  • There is no time limitation on when accounts can be merged (can be requested any time)
  • Already merged accounts can not be separated again
  • The capital limit for single merged accounts is 300000 USD
  • The Total Traded Capital per Trader is 700000 USD
    (after 700k is reached, scaling is only possible via the "by EnFoid" method)
  • The Trader can hold up to 25 active accounts for individual trading strategies or to be merged is requested.
Due to the regulatory requirements, there are additional steps to take care of once the traded Capital exceeds 700000 USD.
The Company will take care of them for you, but it may require you to visit our office in person.