Timelines for Free and Fast Enrolment

Min Time Required: 21 Days

2 minutes

Sign Up

Sign up at EnFoid Invest or EnFoid Lenders.

Register EnFoid Account
2 minutes


Pick Capital, Broker & Platform to trade.

Enrol to Prop Trading
2 minutes

Make a Deposit

You will need to deposit 1% of the capital you chose to trade with to your EnFoid account.

These funds will remain there and collect weekly interest we will not take it away as this is not a fee.

10 - 30 Days

Trade Evaluation

Trade the first challenge
Make 10% profit.

10 - 60 Days

Trade Verification

Trade the second challenge
Make 5% profit.

5 Days

Sign Paperwork

We will enter a legal agreement with you sign the Trader contract and preparing your live account


Get Paid every 30 Days

what ever you have on profits on your account after 30 Days, we will split it with you and deposit to your EnFoid account.

Free (SwingFish)
Min Time Required: 4 Months


Basic Info

Read through the conditions for free enrolment! as there are some additional things you need to consider.

Free Enrolment Info
5 minutes

Basic Info

We will need some basic info about you. fill the Enrolment form

3 Months

pre-Trial Trading

Trade several of the Pre-trial accounts given to you to create a track record


be an Active Member

Pay it forward by being an active Member in our Non-Profit Trader Community

check out SwingFish
21 Days - 2 Months

Become considered

Once considered you will go trough the Fast-Track process like everyone else but EnFoid will pay the insurance for you

Fast track process on the left side (without the deposit step)