Top EnFoid Proprietary Traders

The list below shows the Top Traders (Challenges and Live accounts) due to privacy reason only public accounts will be shown in full.
To get to this list, you will need to trade sensible, generate high returns but by maintaining the lowest drawdowns.
As in prop trading, fast profits are not a measurement used, but the balance between drawdown and the resulting profits.

This list is populated with a 15 Minute delay and represents how traders currently perform, NOT reflecting long term performance.

Status Exposure Profit Trades/Day Volume
#1 Private Evaluation -1.09% 5.36% 5 (10 Days) 1.98 M (0.2)
#2 Private Mfx 0% 0% 0 ( Days) 0 (0)

If you logged on to your EnFoid account, your accounts will be aligned in this list.
Due to the nature on how the data is collected, this list only accurately shows the first two months,
Live Traders will naturally fall out of this list, due to larger sample sizes and withdrawals made over time.