0x8 Prop trader logoYou are now just 1 step away from being funded!
Starting the verification stage is essentially the same as Evaluation,
but you will have more time and a smaller target, so you can focus on your trading without pressure.

Completion of Verification will automatically Qualify you for Funding!

What you get
  • the same Platform as in Evaluation
  • the same Balance as in Evaluation
  • 1:100 Leverage
  • same Broker as in Evaluation
  • Deep trading analysis on completion
  • Free Coaching (dedicated chatroom Access)
What we expect
WARNING Failure of completing this, will lead to refusal of Funding! read about Restart Rules here

The Goal

Show us consistency, it's time to make sure trading is smooth, and your previous gains where not just luck.
The Verification will simulate our Prop Trading Environment. The only difference is that we will not be executing live trades yet on our side.
There will be our standard protection & analysis mechanisms to monitor your account in the same way as if it were funded.

So please remember that all the same rules regarding account management apply here.

  • Also note you will not be able to restart this process.
    So if you decide to enrol and fail then the process is over and access to funding will be denied.
  • Here you are entering into an agreement with EnFoid and confirming that you will do everything within your ability to abide by the trading rules we have outlined.

Starting the Verification Process

Complete the Evaluation, and you can enrol in Verification Free of charge.

just click the "Start Verification" button on your Prop Account page, or contact us.
Everything will be set up for you and you're good to go about 1 - 2 business days.