• Singapore, 4 months 2 weeks ago
    EnFoid & SwingFIsh

    In order to continue operating the SwingFish community as it was designed to be, a few things need to be cleared up.

    One of them is the relationship between EnFoid (the Company) and the SwingFish project itself.
    Here is a quote from the mailer sent to all Clients & Partners of EnFoid.

    SwingFish, is a non-profit project personally initiated and operated by our CEO, with the explicit purpose of fostering a community of like-minded traders. It serves as a platform for mutual assistance while maintaining a community free from common challenges. This endeavor involves substantial costs and personal efforts, EnFoid covers certain expenses for servers and services, but it holds no stake in the overall activities of SwingFish. As a consequence, please be informed that support for corporate matters will not be provided through any SwingFish channels. This includes, but is not limited to, Discord Chats (private and public), Livestream Chats, and project-related or personal email accounts. To uphold the integrity of the community and facilitate open communication during livestreams and other platforms, moderators are strongly advised to take prompt and decisive actions. we will post more details on the SwingFish website before livestreaming does resume.

    In order to continue the commuinty and move forward parallel trough all the trouble, this has to be upheld,
    in exchange new accounts on the company end have ben created where multiple people have access to to make sure all inquiries being fulfilled as quickly as possible.


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