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  • 4 months 2 weeks ago
    Crypto Destination Update

    After many years of providing good services in crypto exchange, is closing its doors. because of this, there will be a change in the crypto addresses we used for many years.

  • we realized that there are a few issues we do have to address and make more clear EnFoid’s strict No Conflict of Interest rule does apply! No Fee’s

  • 6 months 3 weeks ago
    US Branch moves to Delaware

    After finalizing legalities and regulations, we will move our US operations to the fine town of Lewes, Delaware. operate under EnFoid LLC using the domain our new Registered Address EnFoid LLC 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, Delaware 19958 new US Phone number: (302) 200 5092 old Phone numbers will be forwarded till August 2019. there […]

  • Finally, we completed the step to Funded Forex Trading accounts for our Members. the System is fully integrated with our Investment Platform. all you have to do to Qualify: Complete the Trial to show us what you can do Complete the evaluation. Complete the Verification to make sure it wasn’t luck after these steps completed, […]

  • 8 months 4 days ago
    we are adding HKD

    we partnering with to make Hongkong based transfers more easy for you. completed the payment system update to let you now use FPS (Faster Payment System) or Wire Transfers or even Cash deposits directly benefited to your account.  

  • 10 months 2 days ago
    Lenders Banking (USD, EUR & GBP)

    We finally completed all the Legal and Logistic tasks, with Arkavis GmbH, located in Switzerland, to enable faster processing with in and outgoing Wire Transfers. New Accounts, the Transfer Section has been updated with new Account Numbers and Banks for the Currencies. Euro British Pound US Dollars by the end of March, all old Accounts will […]

  • Hello Traders, sadly we have to report that Fondex did withdraw the IB partnering with SwingFish and EnFoid.

  • 1 year 2 months ago
    TradersWay added to EnFoid IBLink

    Starting Week 47 you can add your TradersWay Trading account to be eligible for Rebates with EnFoid Lenders. TradersWay is an ECN Broker that offers the cTrader Platform, mt4, and mt5. you can now just add TradersWay accounts to your Lender Account to get commissions Back.

  • now you can link your SwingFish Discord account with EnFoid Lenders. using the latest OAuth2 technology to keep the data safe. with the advantages of: easy Login to Lenders using the ‘Login with discord” Button receiving EnFoid Account Notifications via Discord Private Messaging Show the Love in the SwingFish Chatroom via user info panel Upcoming integrations will be: […]

  • Enfoid, in cooperation with Transferwise, now offers Local Banking in the United Kingdom (UK) to send or receive Funds in Pound sterling directly to your Lenders Account. starting today, the Transfer Section in EnFoid Lenders will have a GBP Tab with Detailed Account Information ready to use Immediately.  

  • after running for almost 3 Years with an Initial Deposit of just 1000$ we decided to cancel this strategy in the SwingFish Portfolio. ending Balance of 2185.88$ and an absolute & relative gain of 118.59%

  • Hello Traders, sadly we have to report that Pepperstone Group did withdraw the IB partnering with SwingFish and EnFoid.

  • how does Interest on Free Money sounds to you? EnFoid just made exactly that a reality!

  • On Monday, we will move offices to our new Location in Solstice Business Center, Singapore As a result of that, there will be no Asia Session Live Trading.     Our New Offices will be Located in 23 New Industrial Road, #04-08 Solstice Business Center, Singapore 536209  

  • 1 year 10 months ago
    Moving Servers

    This weekend, EnFoid will move the majority of our Trading and Web Servers, to DigitalOcean and Amazon.

  • We had some requests to stream to some other platforms than YouTube starting Monday (March 12) we will start a trial streaming via the following Services

  • In cooperation with Transferwise and the Community Federal Savings Bank Private Lenders Accounts can now Withdraw and Deposit US Dollars directly to a US Bank. please note that there are some restrictions. Limit for Private individual – $50,000 per day and $250,000 per year Limit for Business – $250,000 per day and $1,000,000 per year Delivery time:1-5 […]

  • the new EnFoid Lender System, which is used for the Risk-Free offer on the website has got some updates. the Dividend is now calculated AFTER the Interest has been applied!

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