Investor Relations

Instead of presenting the "one in a lifetime opportunity", promising the Holy grail or other stuff that usually works,
we at EnFoid, doing things differently.

our core mission is to provide Services only if there is a "win win situation" for all participants.

guaranteed Rate +bonus

the effective Interest rate is 9.55% p.a. and represents your guaranteed payout guaranteed by contract.
additionally there is a Performance dividend paid on a weekly basis, depending on how we did.

  • current Dividend Rate 6.46% p.a. **
  • Period 24 Dividend Rate 0.118%
  • no long term commitments

    we base all calculation on Periods, where one period is 1 Week. that has the effect that the interests increase every week, and funds are available fo you to be returned right after.
    the default commitment period is therefor 1 Week only.
    need some (or even all) of the funds back ?, just request it, it will happen right after the period is closed, no hard feelings.

    no minimum payment

    yes, even 100$ would do, as we have no minimum requirements whatsoever.
    the EnFoid Lenders System is solely designed to handle any amount in any currency given.

    there is however a maximum deposit limit, as we can only guarantee payments if enough backed capital is avaiable.

    Monday matters

    the balance available on Mondays is Subject to interest calculation on the next weekend.
    this makes setting up personal saving plans very easy, but you alone stay in control.
    new funds available -> we add them and you gain on them already towards next Monday.
    no change, you still get the interest's on whats left.

    AAA+ (Triple A Plus)

    because of the security Structure and the contract comes with it.
    this is likely the most secure Investment.
    as contracts stay valid even in the event of a default due to personal Guarantee by contract.

    the Default Memorandum comes with Personal and Company liabilities.

    Currency Secure

    Invested funds are not converted
    you prefer (and deposit) the EURO, we pay in Euros. (or AUD, USD, even THB)

    base Currency is Singapore Dollars, accounts held in other currencies are subject to currency fluctuations, which we cover by Margin on Forex Trades

    ** dividend value is based on the last 52 Periodic payments. (Future results may vary, but will not go negative)