SwingFish Profit-Share at limited Risk

EnFoid operates the Non-Profit Project called "SwingFish". It's designed to support Retail Traders, provide community and knowledge, free of charge for everyone, as part of the Project, EnFoid funding serval accounts types and strategies, as proof of concept, with some of them having substantial Returns.

in 2016, the SwingFish Project became a permanent part of our Revenue & capital allocation.

the strategies do carry different levels of risk, due to the Investing System structure, we are able to limit losses to a minimum, and do not have any effects towards EnFoid Lender Equity.

we offer You to Participate on a Profit share basis at a limited & predefined risk.

last 90 Days

SwingFish Project vs. Prop

** updated 5 hours ago

50-67% Profit Split

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  • 50-67% of all visible profits paid to EnFoid account.
    (based on allocation size)
  • Guaranteed Loss limit at 10%
    (amounts exceeding will be covered by EnFoid, as part of the agreement)
  • for Transparency, all profits and losses are recorded live.
    we use PnL created via SwingFish LiveTrading, which is publicly available in video since 2016.
  • Flexible terms with 6 Months*, 1,3 or 5 years holding time.
  • Monthly Profit is debited directly to the EnFoid account.
  • No back charges periods with losses will not be credited until the term ends.


  • Minimum allocation of 10000 US Dollars
    (or equal in client currency)
  • Maximum allocation of 2 Million US Dollars.
    (for performance, security risk management reasons, Pools are split in 2m USD parts)
  • No reallocation, already existing capital (2 Weeks prior) can not be reassigned to this product.
  • Interest for Risk amount is paid via Vault system, while the rest does not receive Interest for the time of the allocation.
  • Interest Compounding instead of Capital compounding.
    once profits are debited to the EnFoid account, they do receive interest.
  • 67% Monthly Split for sizes larger than 25000 USD outside the 6 Month Trial.
    (below 25k, the split is reduced to 50%)
  • 45 Day grace period if there are losses at the end of the term exceeding already produced profits, EnFoid adds a max 45 Day period for recovery, this is optional at the clients discretion)
Quarterly stats (overall)
  • $270,359,600 Traded Volume
  • 1495 Total Trades [829 Won]
  • 79 Profitable days vs. 11 Losing days
  • Sharpe ratio 0.6 / Profit Factor 2.55
** updated 5 hours ago
  • Additional capital can be added to any time
    must be at least 5000 USD or 15% of the already invested capital.