SwingFish Profit-Share at limited Risk

EnFoid operates the Non-Profit Project called "SwingFish". It's designed to support Retail Traders, provide community and knowledge, free of charge for everyone, as part of the Project, EnFoid funding serval accounts types and strategies, as proof of concept, with some of them having substantial Returns.

in 2016, this became a permanent part of our Revenue.

the strategies do carry different levels of risk, due to the Investing System structure, we are able to limit losses to a minimum, and do not have any effects towards EnFoid Lender Equity.

we offer You to Participate on a Profit share basis at a limited & predefined risk.

this product is for accredited Investors only! please send us a Message for details

30 Day Performance

Yield vs. Traded Volume

** updated 2 days ago
Quick Stats (last 90 days)
  • $836,711,400 Traded Volume
  • 2936 Total Trades [1596 Won]
  • 72 Profitable days vs. 18 Losing days
  • Sharpe ratio 0.91 / Profit Factor 15.06
** updated 2 days ago
Quick Stats (last 30 days)
  • $394,658,000 Traded Volume
  • 1245 Total Trades [646 Won]
  • 25 Profitable days vs. 5 Losing days
  • Sharpe ratio 0.4 / Profit Factor 3.34
** updated 2 days ago
Maximum Volatility limit of 10%
losses greater than this will be covered by EnFoid, this affects only the allocated amount, not the total Account balance

Maximum Exposure limit of 25% (current: 0.5%)
total funds allocated to the SwingFish Project (see allocation page for more details)
no more than 85% of the total capital can be assigned!
Already Lended Fund's can only be used below the Project allocation.