SwingFish Traders
2016 (2 years ago)
Worldwide / English
All Ages / Genders
Retail Traders
Provision of Realtime Support & Help in matters related to Retail Trading
main focus on Personal Development, Money Management practices, Reality of the Industry, longterm success for individuals.


the Sole purpose of the SwingFish Project is to challenge the Status Quo of the Retail Trading Industry, by completely and indefinitely removing the Conflict of Interest.

  • Maintaining a strict "NO Conflict of Interest" Policy by:
    • No Membership Fees
    • no Vip Member Status, or any other means of bypassing the Community ideology
    • Re-pay Broker Commissions to Members
    • Providing all tools & Help Free of charge
    • no Advertising/Sponsor based Bias
  • Provide Realtime Community Support trough Live Chatrooms
  • Proof of Concept by DayTrading Forex markets Live

Source of Revenue
no direct revenue, Project is completely Supported by EnFoid.
there is however a Marketing Background, as the Website is used to promote EnFoid Products & Services.

Assets Held
Directly assigned Funds resulting of IB Overhead, Donations and Interest gains:
889.27 SGD, as of Sat, 18 Aug 2018 12:10:34 +0800, This Funds are subject to 0.082% Weekly Interest.

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