SwingFish Traders

a Non-Profit Project, designed to help & Support Retail-Traders in the Journey to become Profitable & self sustaining. all Services provided are Free, with the Strict aim of Removing the common "conflict of interest" in the Retail Trading Industry.
M. Hennenberger Started 2 years 8 months ago

Financial Algorithm development

ongoing development of custom tailored API and Algorithmic solutions towards Retail Traders.
EnFoid Started 1 year 11 months ago

EnFoid Lenders

a Crowd Funding Management System for Companies or single entities, to manage Crowd based fundings and benefits of participants
developed on Client Contract May 2011, in EnFoid Production since Jan 2012
EnFoid Started 4 years 9 months ago


Thailand Based Information Technology, Internet of Things, Payment Systems, Crypto Currency Consulting Services
M. Hennenberger Started 13 years 5 months ago

Past Projects

BP Profiles

Alternative Lifestyle Social Networking platform with paid Download Services, Video Streaming, Pay per View, peer to peer transaction Systems, payment gateways, general user management, media management, location based Searches.
BPT Media Inc. June 2011 Nov 2017


Ground of Research & Development of a complete GPS based Asset Tracking Solution, including Sourcing, testing and Development of a multitude of Hardware Systems, Local Data, GSM Provider Management.
CCM Systems June 2008 Jan 2011


IT Direction, Inhouse,Remote & Datacenter Server and Database Management
CCM Systems June 2007 Jan 2011

Pattaya Agency

Internet Applications, Realestate Management Systems, 2nd Level IT Support
NetVision June 2006 Jan 2009

Clever Automation

Development of affordable IoT (Internet of things) Solutions that provide maximum flexibility and compatiblity
0x8 June 2005 Jan 2008


Ongoing Service on Infrastructure for Public accessible Internet Terminals
FM Internet Solutions June 2001 Nov 2003

GRAWItech (Internet)

Internet Department Development, Client Services, 2nd Level Support
GRAWItech Dec 1999 June 2004

NC Systems

Development of Local Core Internet Solutions, Domain Name Services, Leased Lines, Complex Routing and VPN Solutions for Mid Scale Companies and Service Providers.
M. Hennenberger Sep 1998 Nov 2005