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Project Created
2018 (6 years ago)
pre Series A
South east Asia
Mixed (Profit/NonProfit)

the Sole purpose of the SwingFish Project is to challenge the Status Quo of the Retail Trading Industry, by completely and indefinitely removing the Conflict of Interest, in a non-profit environment.

this has been accomplished successfully, attracted more than 22.000 Members, and Investments exceeding 3.000.000$ in the process.

The main goal is to make the Community of "SwingFish Traders" a physical reality.
- add a source of revenue to the Non-Profit nature.
- provide physical proof of concept.
- establish a Local Brand and create a Franchise opportunity in the process.

Investor Details


the Project is split into 3 main parts

1. Catering
establishing a Catering source, like a Coffee shop with "Trade-related treats" such as:

- purchases of items can be done indirectly via the "underlying asset" structure, like it does on CFD Traded assets. such as ETF, CFD Indices or even Stocks, a Binary based POS system (already developed) that allows placing orders for the assets instead of making direct purchases.
this will lead to a challenge to obtain a discount or even free beverages, and get average peoples in the feeling on what trading may be like.

- providing a relaxed atmosphere to talk, exchange ideas or just be among likeminded peoples.

2. Media Outlet

A studio like an environment, completely transparent to see for everyone for multiple purposes
- live Trading Company assets for everyone to see
- interviews held with influential peoples (local's and International)
- providing advice to the general public (non Financial)

3. Educational Services

in combinations with the scopes above, and enough space (preferred a co-working space), the project is able to provide real and serious education, instead of relaying stuff that anyone can get off the Internet for free anyway. delivering the information that actually matters.

non-profit nature to be upheld

as a very important part, to honor the original project, most of this services are free, or obtainable for very little cost, this will build trust, transparency, and satisfaction for the real Source of Revenue.

Sources of direct Revenue
the main source of revenue will be investment clients to be obtained through the provided transparency.

additional revenue streams:
subscription-based purchases, educational material, merchandise sales, mentorship services, advisory (non-financial), Introducing Broker Commissions & partnerships with Industry related companies already established.

Sources of Indirect Revenue
The profit share of proprietary activities by EnFoid, which will grant a Direct income from day 1.

the assigned overdraft will be directly assigned by EnFoid, in order to create a direct income, eliminating the drought period as income is created instantly.

Franchise opportunity

given to the initial partner only,
as all following business will need to be licensed and carry the name of the original.

Short overview allocations (post-opening) more details can be found at the investor Detail pages.

Investor Details

Projected Revenue

a 10% split is required in order to keep the promise of revenue coverage initially, this means that only 10% can be consumed by pre-developments)

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