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EnFoid Proprietary Trading
2016 (8 years ago)
For Profit
United States
Worldwide / English
Retail Traders Day Traders
EnFoid Proprietary (or EnFoid Prop) is a Product based Trading System that allows External Retail traders to participate in in-house Trading activities, where funding is secured via serval layers such as Hardware, Software, Insurance, and Diversification.
    Key differences to similar conventional Systems are
  • No Fee Structure (based on the companies Win-Win Policy)
  • Payouts based on the Traders Mirror account, instead of backend accounting (Trader see what they earn in realtime)
  • Hard & Software based Risk Management via Bridge Systems that control Equity levels in near Realtime.
  • Insurance Driven Loss protection, (additional Layer of Security to protect of Flash or Black Swan Type Events)

Scope & Affinity

Funding is intended to serve Retail Traders that do not have the means, but the talent.

Due to the nature of the product, there is a significant run on "free" or "low tier" accounts. They usually do have a shallow profitability rate, which would make a revenue model based on selling the Enrolment in combination with education very attractive. Due to EnFoid's Policy on Conflict of interests, EnFoid does not support this scheme.

Source of Revenue
EnFoid does NOT engage in Fund management activities of any kind!
All traded assets are Ensured or owned by EnFoid or being sourced via Investment or Technology partners.
  • Company shares Revenue in a 50/50 Split to the trader,
    leaves an 18% Revenue part after costs and Management fees.
  • Failed Enrolments do return a small profit, but in most cases, this is re-used to cover accounts that do not return these profits (all accounts below 50.000 USD are subsidized)

  • Capital
    $135,961,398 (USD) currently assigned account volume.
    3295 Traders executed 168 Trades
    data and charts updated automatically 4 hours 46 minutes ago

    Live Traders Yield vs. Capital Distribution ratio

    Capital Distribution ratio represents the offset between the number of Traders vs. Capital splits


    Live Traders vs. Evaluation Traders vs. Pre-Trial Traders

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