Speculative Allocation

Further explanation
All references to "SwingFish" "Speculative" under "allocation" and "asset allocation" are detailed further below.

We do however engage in financial market activities internally which includes:

  • Swap Trades, to cover client currency fluctuations.
  • The SwingFish project.
  • Company own traded assets

These activities have a special set of risk management parameters:

  • The "Speculative Assets Invested vs. Revenue generated graphic" (shown right) details only a small part of the total assets. All references in percentages are based on the allocated amount and is not a representation of the total equity held.
  • We limit this to maximum of 25% of the total.
    this weeks trade allocation is at 0.1%)
  • SwingFish accounts are traded on margin which allows us to use about 17-21% of the allocated capital further reducing risk.
  • Our careful project internal allocation of funds ensures there is always a well maintained balance between risk and revenue.
    Those strategies with larger risk will accordingly have less capital allocated to maintain the balance of correct risk exposure.
  • We ensure that controlled risk is the highest priority over volume traded.
  • Swap for client currency protections are traded via margin at equal position size to the deposit currency.
    By doing so positions are protected against strength and weakness of individual currencies.
  • Mid and long term positions like Bonds, Options, Stocks and others are done in cash, to remove any margin risks.
  • all Cryptocurrency trades are in cash only.

Speculative Assets Invested vs. Revenue generated

Relationship in percentage terms between
Investment Volume, Returns and Corresponding Risk

** "cash in / cash out" based on quarterly averages

Holding Times

Most SwingFish assets are liquid or can be liquidated in under 2 weeks.

Swap trades are held as long as the client currency is deposited.
We do close or add to positions based on the currency amount we have as a deposit.

Bonds and ETF are in the majority held for under 2 Years.

Stock and Stock Options are in the majority held for under 3 Months

** based on quarterly averages.