100% Fiduciary & based on Lended Equity.

As a core feature, ALL external Funds are not handled as typical Investments!
Instead, all external Funds are handled as Loans by contract and law.

As a result, funds lent to us receive Fixed Interest
removing any and all Speculative exposure to it.

Additionally, Promissory notes have a written liability towards the Company and the Board Members, protecting the Funds beyond a Company default.

No Minimum Payment or Account Fees

We have no minimum requirements whatsoever, so a 100$ lent equity will work.
The EnFoid Lenders System is solely designed to handle any amount in any currency.

There is however, a deposit limit. This is to ensure the Company is always Liquid enough to return all funds at any given time.

Currently any deposit or withdrawal between $100 and $4,774,390 is accepted and processed instantly.

The amount shown is the maximum amount in US Dollars we can accept at this point in time (this can be fulfilled by a single investor, or by many), the limit is equal to the Liquid assets available.

** last updated 3 days ago

Fixed Interest Rate + Bonus

The effective Interest rate is 9.55% p.a. and it represents your minimum p.a. gain guaranteed by contract.

Additionally there is a Performance dividend paid weekly, depending on how we did.

  • Current Dividend Rate 0.11% p.a. **
  • Period/Week 24 Dividend Rate was 0.007%
Interest is fixed by Contract and Law, Dividends however may vary (but will never go negative)

Commitment Time

The default holding time for a Promissory note of any size is one week.

Interests being calculated each week, based on the available equity on the Individual Lenders account, after Interest is paid.

This results in 52 compounding periods per year, plus the possibility of Fund Release after just one week.

Need some (or even all) of the funds back? Send a request and we will honour it after the period is closed, no questions asked.

Mondays Matter

The balance available on Mondays is subject to interest calculation on the following weekend.
This makes setting up personal saving plans very easy, but you alone stay in control.

New funds available -> we add them and you gain on them already towards next Monday.
No change -> you will still get the interest on what is remaining.

Your Currency Secured

Invested/Lent funds are not converted to other currencies.
You prefer the account to be held in EURO, we pay in Euros. (or AUD, USD, even THB)

Our base Currency is the Singaporean Dollar. Accounts held in other currencies are subject to currency fluctuations, which we cover by Margin based Foreign Exchange Investments and Trades.