• Singapore, 3 years 1 month ago
    Prop Update: Jurisdiction change for Proprietary Trading Accounts

    to all Live/Funded Traders

    we currently in the process of Merging accounts into our newly founded subsidiary,
    as a result, the accounts will be moved to the respective Jurisdiction.

    Don’t worry, no change in contracts, profit split, or rules will happen
    in short, everything keeps spinning 😉

    this will allow us the following:

    • Maintain the 1:100 Leverage on FX Accounts.
    • adding Crypto Trading.
    • back to offer Futures and Equities to existing Traders.
    • enable new risk profiles.
    • Remove double taxing for Traders in the European Union.
    • Solving upcoming regulatory issues in south-east Asia.

    as a result of this, a few things will change sequentially on a trader by trader base:

    • we may move some Funded/Live accounts to other platforms/brokers/or Servers
      as an example:
      – ICMarkets do operate accounts on a different Juridtiction, if your account is in ASIC we will move the account and provide you New logins.
      – if your broker doesn’t accept Cooperate clients from new Jurisdictional regions, we may move you to another broker
      – those changes will be dealt case-by-case
    • Banking Information may change depending on the Jurisdiction
      if some accounts (especially wire-transfer accounts) appear inactive, that may be because of this, just contact support to get current accounts for fast transfers.
    • EnFoid accounts solely used for Trading will only available in the currencies USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, HKD, and SGD
      existing accounts in other currencies will stay as they are.
    • Outgoing profit payments will be uninterrupted.
    • PayPal, Skrill, and Crypto will not be affected.


    during the transition period,
    there may be some delay in creating new Trading accounts.

    in case of any question, we always there for you

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