• Singapore, 5 years 11 months ago
    Free Money has a name “EnFoid IB-Link”

    how does Interest on Free Money sounds to you? EnFoid just made exactly that a reality!

    you can now add your Trading account (with SwingFish IB) directly to EnFoid Lenders,
    where you will get your Trading Commissions Refunds debited to every week.

    just like the regular Lenders, this Balance will receive the Interests and Dividends weekly.

    makes it truly Free Money!

    simply fill out the “Add New Broker Account” form, in the section “IBLink” and you are good to go.

    once confirmed the system will automatically deposit the Commissions earned to this account.

    You will see that this can quickly build up since you are getting Interest paid as well.

    in order to make this work you need to do a few things:

    1. have/get a Trading account (does not have to be a new one)
      (must be with one of the Brokers SwingFish has IB Agreements with)
    2. have/signup for a Free EnFoid Lenders Account.
    3. Link your Account under IBLink.

    once approved you will get your Rebate plus Interest to the account weekly and automatically **

    ** some conditions apply

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