• Singapore, 6 years 5 months ago
    Lenders System Calculation update.

    the new EnFoid Lender System, which is used for the Risk-Free offer on the website has got some updates.

    the Dividend is now calculated AFTER the Interest has been applied!

    you can look arround using a demo login which uses real data of a existing client
    email: [email protected]
    password: lenders


    all accounts have been updated accordingly or will be updated once they are merged. this will have a positive effect on your earnings,

    as the compounding effect will hit twice.

    you can all transactions now check on the ledger-Page in EnFoid Lenders.




    the Dashboard page (after you log on) gives you a glance at what is what. and the balances applied to the Account.

    • Balance: the Balance of your Account, with the date the update was made.
    • Total Gains: the sum of all additions made (dividends and interests)
      the percentage below does show a TOTAL gain (this is the Absolute value, not based on time)
    • Total Deposits: the NET-Amout transfered to the Lender System.
      the percentage is the capital of your own used.
    • Total Withdrawals: net of all  Withdrawals
      also with a percentage that shows the total return.
    • Weekly Interest is the ‘by contract” value that will be applied Guaranteed at the end of the trading-week
    • Weekly dividend is a variable number (this may change during the days/weeks, based on real-time performance)


    please let us Know if you would like any changes to be done.
    after all this is all made for you.

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