• Singapore, 5 years 11 months ago
    Pepperstone withdraw Partnerships from Singapore

    Hello Traders,

    sadly we have to report that Pepperstone Group did
    withdraw the IB partnering with SwingFish and EnFoid.

    as Pepperstone apparently goes out of Singapore with Partnerships.

    not to worry, you can still sign up as a Singapore based Trader.

    of course, we respect this decision with the following effects:

    • effective immediately, no Pepperstone account’s can be added to IBLink.
    • all accounts linked with no revenue will be removed immediately.
    • all accounts using IBLink will receive the last payment on the coming weekend (Week 25)
    • after payments done, we will disable all Pepperstone IB Links.

    email from Pepperstone:



    Original post on the SwingFish Blog