Privacy Policy and Technical Statement

Effective: 23 May 2018 (6 years ago)
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at EnFoid we always engage in Transparency to provide trust and to be Fair.

Here is how we collect, use, and handle your personal information when you use our websites, software, and services.

There has been in the recent years a lot of tumult around privacy in general and especially on the internet, but instead of delivering education to non-professional masses, hysteria is being created by media, press, legislative, and executive forces plus new laws being abused by greedy people.

This is most definitely NOT the turnout Tim Berners-Lee had in mind back in 1989.

But yet, here we are, struggling to understand what is serious and whatnot, suffocate in the wilderness of regulation, mixing useful sharing of information with sharing of potentially sensitive or dangerous pieces of information.

As example an IP-Address is (according to GDPR) Personal Information as it "can" be used to identify a living person directly or indirectly. But so is the number on your front door, with the difference that you're not getting a new house number once you disconnected from the internet and connect back again.

Another example are cookies (used to store related informations in a one way fashion on your local computer), this does NOT mean that you grant wide access to your computer by accepting cookies, what you do is allowing to store information that can identify you on your computer, which gives you the full power over it, as you can just delete it if you do not want to be "identified anymore". Would you rather have the data to identify you stored on a different place outside of your control and knowledge ? instead on your local computer ?

The moment you connect to the internet, you will be subjected to "some" identification or profiling, as you do expose yourself, just like you hang a sign in front of your house, showing your name and the house number. Everyone passing by will be able to read it without your consent, and may even assume somethings (profiling) about you, based on the given pieces of information and the surroundings.

Educators, the Law, and Media fail to bring "living persons" (as the GDPR describes you) close to the fact that anonymity can only be established in a group. The larger the group, the more anonymized you are. And the internet is most likely the largest "group" that has ever existed, even larger than countries and governmental reach.

With all that being said, we at EnFoid have always respected our client's privacy, and have this as one of our top priorities since day 1.

The majority of client-related information is stored on our own systems rather than a shared environment where data can easily cross over to someone else.

However, there are some exemptions, based on how you personally categorize "personal" or "sensitive", as this is very much subject to the individual's standpoint on privacy and anonymity. To make these things crystal clear to you, we have revised the privacy policy, which you can read below.

Mario Hennenberger, CEO of EnFoid LLC
We collect and use the following information to provide, improve, and protect You and our Services:
  • Account information. We collect, and associate with your account, the information you provide to us when you do things such as sign up for your account, upgrade/update, set up authentication (like your name, email address, phone number, payment info, and physical address). Some of our Services let you access your accounts and your information via other service providers.
  • Usage information. We collect information related to how you use the Services, including actions you take in your account. We use this information to improve our Services, develop new services and features, and protect You and other users.
  • Device information. We also collect information from and about the devices you use to access the Services. This includes things like IP addresses, the type of browser and device you use, the web page you visited before coming to our sites, and identifiers associated with your devices. Your devices (depending on their settings) may also transmit location information to the Services.
  • Cookies and other technologies. We use technologies like cookies and pixel tags to provide, improve, protect, and promote our Services. For example, cookies help us with things like remembering your username for your next visit, understanding how you are interacting with our Services, and improving them based on that information. You can set your browser to not accept cookies, but this may limit your ability to use the Services.
  • Bases for processing your data. We collect and use the personal data described above in order to provide you with the Services in a reliable , easy and secure manner. We also collect and use personal data for our legitimate business needs. To the extent we process your personal data for other purposes, we ask for your consent in advance or require that our partners obtain such consent.

We may share information as shown below, but we won’t sell it to advertisers or other third parties.

  • Others working for and with EnFoid. EnFoid is a Sourcing Provider, and Consulting Firm, we do regularly Outsource tasks to 3rd parties (for example, providers specialities in Development and Managemen required for certain Projects, customer and IT services). These third parties will access your information only to perform tasks on our behalf in compliance with this Privacy Policy, and we’ll remain responsible for their handling of your information per our instructions. and in case of Sensetive informations shared this parties have Signed Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) prior to access.
  • Applications. You may can also enable API Services on certain Projects, this does only happen after your consent.
  • Administration. If you are a user from a Enterprice Group, the Administrator in your Own company may granted access to Data you have provided, plus members of your organization may be able to view the name, email address, profile picture, and IP address that was associated with your account at the time of that interaction.
  • Law & Public Interest. We may disclose your information to third parties if we determine that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to: (a) comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process, or appropriate government request; (b) protect any person from death or serious bodily injury; (c) prevent fraud or abuse of our Services or our users; (d) protect EnFoid’s rights, property, safety, or interest; or (e) perform a task carried out in the public interest.
Blue: Mandatory | Green: Optional | Gray: Defunct


The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is the national Bank and Monetary regulator in Singapore. as a Singaporean Company, we are required to share Client informations upon request.

Cloudflare Inc.

CloudFlare Inc. provides us with Regional Content Delivery Services, DNS and Security Features, as a result "some" encrypted information may be stored for a short period of time in CloudFlare Facilities, we do NOT directly share any Client informations with Cloudflare Inc.
Most of the EnFoid Infrastructure is located at DigitalOcean LLC Datacenter's, resulting that some IP Related informations are captured by the Infrastructure of DigitalOcean LLC, we do NOT directly share any Client informations with DigitalOcean LLC.

Google Inc.

Google Inc. is hosting in a encrypted envioment our Email and Calendar Data via the Product G-Suite, we do NOT directly share any Client informations with Google, besides of the Technically required informations such as Emails, Time informations and Names. inc.

the chat window you see on the bottom of this page is (as example) provided by inc., we use this service to ensure a sort of, Paper Trail is established for "loose conversations" besides emails. because of this inc. does store some Client related data such as Name, Country and the Email address, we do actively share this data for analytic purposes and to identify you as a valued Client directly.

BeStar Services Pte. Ltd.

Local Physical mail may be sorted by staff of BeStar Services Pte. Ltd. Singapore.
Visitors of the SG Offices may be greeted by Bestar Staff as well.

Arkavis GmbH

Logistic Partner for the European Union, we may share, on a need to know basis, contact details for the use of deliveries, or Client Support with Arkavis.

sipgate GmbH

by using our German Phone numbers, your DID, duration and optional voicemail will be stored on Sipgate Servers for a short period of time

DID Logic Limited

by using our Singapore and US Phone numbers, your DID & duration of the call will be stored on did Logic Servers in Hong Kong for a short period of time

Twilio Inc.

by using our SMS & other messaging services to receive Notifications, your target/DID & notification contents is stored on Twilio Servers in USA for a short period of time

Discord Inc.

when engaged in Community support, informations may be delivered trough Private messages using the Discord Messaging networks.
as of April 2020, we do no longer use Dropbox LLC as partner for document exchange.
We now operating a dedicated solution under
  • Security. Our team is dedicated to keeping your information secure and constantly testing our Systems for vulnerabilities. We also continue to work on features to keep your information safe in addition to things like two-factor authentication, encryption of files at rest, and alerts. We deploy automated technologies to detect abusive behavior and content that may harm our Services, you, or other users.
  • You are in Control. You can access, amend, download, and delete your personal information by logging into your account. You can also limit the way we collect and use your data on the Settings pages.
  • Retention. When you sign up for an account with us, we’ll retain information you store on our Services for as long as your account is in existence or as long as we need it to provide you the Services. If you delete your account, we will initiate deletion of this information after 30 days.
    please note:
    • there might be some latency in deleting this information from our servers and back-up storage
    • we may retain some of the informations to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, or enforce our agreements.

additional Notes

  • Worldwide Coverage. To provide you with the Services, we may store, process, and transmit information in the United States and locations around the world—including those outside your country. Information may also be stored locally on the devices you use to access the Services.
  • Changes If we are involved in a reorganization, merger, acquisition, or sale of our assets, your information may be transferred as part of that deal. We will notify you (for example, via a message to the email address associated with your account) of any such deal and outline your choices in that event.
  • Revision We may revise this Policy from time to time, and will post the most current version on this website.
    If a revision meaningfully reduces your rights, we will notify you ahead of time it does become effective.

Your Right to Control and Access Your Information

You have control over your personal information and how it is collected, used, and shared. For example, you have a right to:

  • Update or correct personal data.
  • Access and take your data.
  • Request your data to be removed.


please refer to our Company Information page for all relevant and Legal channels of communication

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