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Algorithm development for Financial Transactions
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Retail Trading Industry
Recent Releases
  • SwingFish Helper

    Passive Helping Algo, written in C# for the cTrader Platform, to support Intraday Traders with active Hedging, Drawdown monitoring, time and equity based management, custom Margin calls, and profit/loss overview
    2017 - present
  • TL Trader

    partly active Trading Algo, written in C# for the cTrader Platform, to automatically place orders and take profits based on technical "trend-line" analysis, visually made by the trader
    2018 - present
  • SwingFish Intra

    Visual Volume, Position, size, trade information for realtime information for traded assets.
    2018 - present
  • UB Noise

    Fully automated position building Hedging Algorythm, developed in MQL4 (for the Metaquotes MetaTrader 4 (mt4) platform, designed to build positions, auto close them on profits and self hedging for drawdown control.

  • Description
    ongoing development, back and forward testing of active, passive visual and invisible Algorithmic Trading applications for the Retail Trading realm.
  • Tags
    Retail Traders cTrader cAutomate, cAlgo cMirror
  • Industry
    Internet Software Development & Retail Trading
  • Languages
    PHP python node.js mQL4 FIX