Statement regarding Financial Activities of EnFoid

The following Statement covering ALL current Activities of EnFoid.

    EnFoid does is/does not act or engage (Virtual, Physical, Online and/or Offline)
    in the following activities towards any Client(s)
  • Discretionary investment management services (DIMS)
  • being an Independent trustee
  • Managed investment schemes
  • Market operator
  • Bank (Commercial or as Merchant)
  • Finance Company
  • Insurance Company or Broker
  • Securities and/or Futures Management
  • Fund Management
  • Financial Adviser
  • Money or Finance Broker
  • Money-Changer
  • Trust Fund or Trust Company
  • provide Payment Systems or Settlement processing
  • Peer-to-peer lending service
  • Qualifying financial entity
  • Crowd Funding Platform (including EnFoid Lenders)
  • Financial Markets Supervisor

EnFoid Lenders

the Term "EnFoid Lenders" is used on our Investor Relation Management System,
developed and maintained by EnFoid.


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