Statement regarding Financial Activities of EnFoid

The following Statement covering ALL current Activities of EnFoid.

    EnFoid does is/does not act or engage (Virtual, Physical, Online and/or Offline)
    in the following activities for any Client(s)
  • Discretionary investment management services (DIMS)
  • being an Independent trustee
  • Managed investment schemes
  • Market operator
  • Bank (Commercial or as Merchant)
  • Finance Company
  • Insurance Company or Broker
  • Securities and/or Futures Management
  • Fund Management
  • Financial Adviser
  • Money or Finance Broker
  • Money-Changer
  • Trust Fund or Trust Company
  • provide Payment Systems or Settlement processing
  • Peer-to-peer lending service
  • Qualifying financial entity
  • Crowd Funding Platform (including EnFoid Lenders)
  • Financial Markets Supervisor

EnFoid Lenders

the Term "EnFoid Lenders" is used on our Investor Relation Management System,
developed and maintained by EnFoid.

EnFoid Lenders is a Software Solution, used by a wide range of Companies to manage crowd funding activities, EnFoid has no access to any of the Managed Funds, and only provides infrastructure and Technical integration services for the system.
EnFoid however runns the same Software for the own Investment programme, Agreement can be downloaded here,
which sets the framework for all Lenders and explains properly the use of Funds.

Updated: 5 years 11 months ago

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