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EnFoid Lenders Performance (last 73 Weeks)

Interest by contract 9.55% p.a. extra Dividends so far 1.52% p.a. SwingFish 44.2% (90 weeks).

EnFoid Pte. Ltd.

  • technology & consulting company
  • headquartered in Singapore,
  • develops customer tailored computer software, online services
  • manages Financial software & services, api & lbs services
  • Founded: May 15, 2011, Singapore
  • Subsidiaries: 0x8, Clever Automation, NC-Systems
  • CEO: Mario Hennenberger

[Q3 2018]

EnFoid Lenders key benefits

  • EnFoid does not engage in Money and/or Portfolio Management! all funds are Lended for Interest!
  • provides promissory notes with an effective Interest rate at 9.55% p.a., representing your minimum annual gain by contract & law.
  • is 100% Fiduciary. all actions taken, meant to be in favor of all participants.
  • Interest is divided into 52 segments and paid on a weekly basis which allows maximum flexibility and enables access to funds at the end of each week.