TRADING NUT meets EnFoid

We operate the non-profit trader community SwingFish of which Cam Hawkins is a valued long term member.
Following our interview "52. Trading Nut - Scaling In Like A Boss" we would like to return the favour and present an exclusive offer to Trading Nut listeners & members.

Exclusive TRADING NUT listener offer   Enrol for Prop Trading   Try EnFoid Prop 14 Days for Free

Proprietary Trading

As standard with our proprietary trading you will get 50% of your profits every 30 days

Those who choose the "Fast-track" are required to show commitment by depositing 1% of the traded capital into their EnFoid account which is not a fee but used to compensate for setup costs and is fully refundable upon completion of enrolment. We even pay the interest you would have received on this sum.

Any Trading Nut listener or member that has enrolled for the 100000 USD trading balance
will get an extra 200 USD on top of your deposit.

For example, if you have an 800 USD deposit we calculate the interest on it and add it to the balance. When you reach "First Profit Payment" stage you will be able to withdraw the deposit, interest and an extra $200. Making it free money, and $200 guaranteed profit, with interest!

How does EnFoid Prop Trading Work?

You have to complete a 2 stage test, called "Evaluation" & "Verification". Fast-Track will guarantee funding if the following conditions are met:

  • NEVER lose more Equity (not Balance) than 5% of the initial deposit in a single day.
  • NEVER lose more Equity (not balance) than 10% in total.
  • Trade at least 10 days. (when you trade live this will be 10 trading days per month)
  • 50% of your trading days need to be profitable.
  • Profit Targets:
  • 10% in max. 30 calendar days during "Evaluation"
  • 5% in max. 60 calendar days during "Verification"
  • There's no profit target when trading Live. (anything you make, we pay you 50%)

Conflict of Interest & Transparency
In appreciation of the cooperation, we pay a small amount to support the great work of Cam Hawkins to Ziba Online Limited (Trading Nut) out of the company's share. There is no disadvantage to any client by us doing this or any other offer related to Trading Nut, Ziba Online Limited or Cam Hawkins himself.
the Power of the Crowd, Guaranteed interest paid to you instead of Risky Investments.
simplified by EnFoid Lenders.

paying 9.55% Effective Interest +Dividends, weekly transfers, no minimum requirements.
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Want to learn trading strategies currently used by the top 5% of pro traders?
If so, Listen to the Trading Nut Podcast.
Power of Unity! Conflict & Fee free!
operated in a 100% Non-Profit envioment, SwingFish provides first hand Help and Support for Retail Traders on Financial Markets, without the typical Conflict of Interest.

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