• Singapore, 4 years 9 months ago
    Deposit Requirements for Funded Accounts

    we realized that there are a few issues we do have to address and make more clear

    • EnFoid’s strict No Conflict of Interest rule does apply!

    No Fee’s

    EnFoid Prop does NOT charge any fees to participating Prop Traders!
    also, there is no Management, Accounting or any other hidden charges.

    Fast-Track users are however required to pre-cover Expenses in exchange for time.

    this means:

    • you will have to have at least 0.8% of your selected Equity in your EnFoid account.
    • at least 0.8% of the Selected Equity to trade must stay on the EnFoid account until the Verification is Completed.
    • Funds will not be taken out of your account!
    • Funds do receive Interest and Dividend’s every weekend.

    Cost Complexity

    there has been a lot of confusion about the costs, we did hear you and will change accordingly.

    we do NOT charge Fees for Enrolment and/or Management of Prop Trading, EVER!
    it’s Win-Win for Everyone, if you make money, we make money!

    • Starting August 2019 we will no longer charge SGD/USD/GBP Amounts.
    • your required EnFoid balance is set to 0.8% of the Equity you will trade with.
      (high-risk account’s allowing double the drawdown we will require 1.6%)
    • Trading Account’s that are already enrolled will not be affected by this change.


    please see the Updated Pricelist for more detailed information.

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